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Be happy 4ever ! ^^;

Happiness is a common goal that everyone strives to attain. Philosophers, intellectuals, doctors and artists alike have all strived in search of the causes of happiness and ways to escape anxiety. 

The reality is, however, that the proposed solutions achieve only partial or superficial happiness. They are more or less like drugs which only provide temporary relief; when their effect wares off, anxieties return two fold. 

The following words invite you to ultimate happiness and will lead you to true success. But before you begin reading, I hope that you to take a moment to try to open your heart and mind - as the intelligent one is he who searches for the truth no matter where it lies. 
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The Arabian Peninsula the birthplace of Islam is one of the hottest and driest regions in the world, consisting mainly of deserts. Since ancient times tribes of the nomadic race had populated the region. Considered the descendents of Noah’s third son Shem they are called Semites. Over the centuries theses Semitic people have migrated into the Fertile Crescent and were assimilated to into existing civilizations.

In the sixth century AD, north of the Arabian Peninsula two great powers were locked in a see ... Read more »

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  The literal meaning of Islam is peace; surrender of one’s will i.e. losing oneself for the sake of God and surrendering one’s own pleasure for the pleasure of God. The message of Islam was revealed to the Holy Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings on him) 1, 400 years ago. It was revealed through angel Gabriel (on whom be peace) and was thus preserved in the Holy Quran. The Holy Quran carries a Divine guarantee of safeguard from interpolation and it claims that it combines the best features of the earlier scriptures.
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Only God is to be worshipped. This was proclaimed by all the Prophets and
Messengers of Islam who were Sent by God throughout the ages and is the core belief
of Islam. God Tells us that the purpose of the creation of mankind is to worship Him
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The Arabic word "Islam” literally means "submission.” Islam, as a faith, means
total and sincere submission to God. Such submission to God brings peace and
The name Islam2 is universal in its meaning. Islam is not named after a tribe of
people or after an individual, as Judaism is named after the Tribe of Judah, Christianity
is named after Christ, and Buddhism is named after Buddha. ... Read more »
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The Prophet Muhammad